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Home Performance Assessments

Blower Door Testing

Do you know how efficiently your home ‘holds air’?

All homes should have some air leakage, it’s like your home “breathes”, but most homes allow too much of the air to escape.

Why does this matter?

Because with too much air leakage…

  • You could have uneven temperatures in different areas of your home or building
  • You could have an excess buildup of dust.
  • Air may be getting pulled from the attic and/or light fixtures.
  • Your house could be staying hotter than it should be.

Fix an Unbalanced Air Flow

While some homes have too much air escaping, other dwellings could actually be too tight; where you don’t have a good exchange of air.

This can cause your indoor air quality to suffer.

Performing a blower door test on your home will provide the needed information to evaluate the air efficiency of your house, and then you can look at what options you have to improve the situation.

We’ll provide an independent assessment, detailing out the exact work needed to be done to bring your home air balance back to a neutral level, and you can then work with your current HVAC company or request quotes to have the items completed.

You can be confident when evaluating providers, as you’ll already know exactly what work is needed.

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Balanced Ductwork

An important part of your home that should be tested is your ductwork.

As an independent consultant, Building Performance Solutions can do a duct leakage test on your ductwork to provide you with information about how well the air from your A/C is getting distributed to the different rooms in your home.

This is performed by pressurizing your ducts, which allows us to identify issues and leaks.

Our team is ‘test and balance’ certified, and has experience troubleshooting and tracking down the cause of airflow leaks and obstructions anywhere in your home.

Duct Leakage

Even brand-new ductwork can have significant leaks, so don’t assume that a brand-new home wouldn’t benefit from having a duct leakage test.

Often, this may be the best time to correct any issues.

When we determine ductwork is leaking, we identify the location and cause and provide you the specific steps for an HVAC contractor to seal them up and prevent your A/C system from working too hard to cool your home.

Home Comprehensive Analysis

If you are experiencing different temperatures in different rooms in your house, it might be because your HVAC system isn’t properly balanced to deliver the right quantity of conditioned air to the right areas of your house.

Testing and air balancing for your home can help even out the airflow issues so that you have consistent heating and cooling throughout your home.

In addition, air balancing may also help increase the air conditioning system’s efficiency, decrease energy bills and wear on HVAC components.

BPS’s Home Comprehensive test includes:

  • Blower Door Test
  • Pressurized Duct Leakage Test
  • Test performance of HVAC system to ensure it is delivering the right amount of CFM and BTUs.

These tests and air balancing exercises could reveal underlying issues with your HVAC system, and provide the opportunity to make corrections that will make your home a more enjoyable place to be with proper environmental conditioning.


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