Mold Inspection and Testing in Fort Myers, Naples, Tampa, Longboat Key and Surrounding Areas

The problem with mold is that they are invisible to the naked eye but travel rapidly through the air. Almost every household has the potential threat of accumulation of mold spores which accumulate and flourish especially in warm and damp areas.  However, this is nothing that cannot be checked in place with a regular mold inspection and testing session. Building Performance Solutions has over 2 decades of experience in any kind of air conditioner unit services.  We are a state-licensed AC contractor that treats each and every client with the same empathy and dedication. This is the reason that people trust our services and we have a lot of repeat customers in Fort Myers, Naples, Tampa, Longboat Key, Sarasota, and Siesta Key.

Below we have mentioned 3 benefits of conducting regular mold inspection and testing. Take a look.Mold Inspection and testing in Sarasota

  • Keep the mole from spreading

we all know that Mold spreads pretty quickly if it starts bleeding at a place. It doesn’t take more than 48 hours for a Mold to colonize and spread rapidly. Conducting regular inspection and testing sessions will help you locate this accumulation of moles and permanently remediate them from further spreading.

  • Help find moisture in the home

These inspection schedules can help you reveal leaks and other areas of moisture in your home which might otherwise be overlooked by the naked eyes. If these moisture-laden areas are ignored for a long, they become a breeding zone for Mold. Hence it is always advisable to locate these areas and prevent any potentially costly damage repair services.

  • Prevent health problems

Accumulation of Mold can cause severe health problems to young and old alike. Troubles like congestion, runny nose, headache, or cough are quite common when you are breathing in apology and or Mold laden air. With regular inspection and testing schedules, you can prevent these health problems and prevent them from leading to severe chronic levels like asthma.

So, if you are looking for a professional company to carry on an inspection and testing session in your house or office, you can get in touch with us.