Mold Testing in Tampa, Naples, Fort Myers, Longboat Key, Sarasota and Nearby Cities

Having an air conditioning unit is quite common in every home these days. But what people do not know is to keep these units, especially the ductwork and the air filters, clean and regularly maintained in order to keep the indoor air quality as well as your family members safe. The professionals at Building Performance Solutions know that the accumulation and spreading of mold spores can trigger allergies and various respiratory problems, hence they are always ready to help you out whenever you face any problem. Our men are highly trained in mold testing and are experienced enough to identify not only mold accumulation but a myriad of problems that generally go unnoticed by your naked eyes. The people of Tampa, Naples, Fort Myers, Longboat Key, Sarasota, and Siesta Key trust our services as we are a certified and licensed mold inspecting company that can not only save the health of your family but also your money that might go behind their recurring medical treatment.

Below we have mentioned 2 basic types of mold testing conducted by our company. Take a look.technician in the middle of a mold testing in siesta key

  • Mycotoxin testing

people who are sensitive to mold and are frequently suffering from fatigue or concentration problems or allergy-like symptoms can be caused by the presence of non-visible presence of mold in your house. Through Mickey toxin testing this specific toxic material, it can be identified and treated accordingly to prevent the symptoms that your family members are suffering from to become severe.

  • ERMI testing

This type of testing is very helpful in evaluating any kind of potential risk that indoor mold growth can cause to the people living in the house. In this test, a small sample of dust is collected from the facility and then checked under a microscope to get the necessary results according to which proper health-related solutions can be provided.

So, if your family members are regularly falling sick and suffering from new and unknown allergy problems, you can contact our mold inspectors at 941-444-6353.